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Create Eagle Card Clothing brand by "concentration"

Eagle Card Clothing is a non state-owned enterprise, which was established in the late 1980s. Jiangying strives to become a high-integrity enterprise, which can offer the best qualities, the most complete varieties, the highest cost performance, and the most perfect services.

Card clothing is an important carding equipment. We believe that "harmonious carding" is the most perfect carding. Gentle carding, balanced carding, and sufficient carding must be taken into consideration when producing card clothing.

Insisting on the spirit of "concentration" and "specialty", the company is committed to producing new card clothing and to developing core technologies. It is a very laborious process, but also a promising process. In the fierce market competition, no progress simply means regression, thus we must produce more professional metal card clothing with more professional spirit. What the company cares about is whether the modern scientific and technological achievements (new technologies, new materials, new techniques) can be applied in card clothing production; whether the modern quality management ideas and control technologies can be applied in process control; whether the modern enterprise culture can improve the professional ethics of the employees, and improve product qualities. Because the focus, so professional; become the professional, so high quality. On the basis of advanced technologies such as "high frequency", "frequency conversion", "servo", "high precision automatic detection", and so forth, we can assure our customers of high qualities of products.

Constant change is the main theme of the world. Based on "concentration" and "specialty", more than 20 years' experience, and the philosophy of "harmonious carding", we would like to cooperate with textile enterprises for common development! 


Wuxi Eagle Card Clothing Co., Ltd.
2009 March

Wuxi Eagle Card Clothing Co., Ltd.
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